Dain Goldwright

Dain Goldwright



Gives quest

Quest goals

Trade Voyage

Ends quest

Dain's Ring Shop

Item Price Currency Image
Seal of the Tundra 630 Gold
Seal of the Tundra
Loop of Retribution 1890 Gold
Loop of Retribution
Signet of the North Wind 1890 Gold
Signet of the North Wind
Stone of Confidence 1103 Gold
Stone of Confidence
Rejuvenating Circlet 1103 Gold
Rejuvenating Circlet
Ice Raider's Ring 1103 Gold
Ice Raider's Ring
Ice Crystal Loop 1350 Gold
Ice Crystal Loop

Ring Shop while on Trade Voyage

Item Price Currency Image
Doomcarved Ring 300 Gold
Doomcarved Ring

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