Cyclops Lane

Cyclops Lane is an area where Myth meets reality, Lumbering Trolls and Cyclops Legionnaires patrol the streets, and the locals gather in the small Festival Park found a short distance from the Olde Town tunnel. This area requires 750 crowns or membership to access.

Additionally, this street has a smith, a history book and a house statue (the last two are rewards from the main boss, General Akilles).


Cyclops Lane Map


Nolan Stormgate
Private Sweeney
Private Emerson
Rand Taymore


Lumbering Troll
Cyclops Legionnaire
Eyus Maximus
General Akilles

Places of Interest

Lair of Eyus Maximus
General Akilles' Keep

Connects To

Dark Cave
Olde Town

Available Reagents

Mist Wood
Cat Tail
Deep Mushroom
Red Mandrake

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