Constance Windsong

Description: School Shoes for every student, a range of styles in boots, shoes and slippers to suit every style of magic.


Wizard City - Shopping District

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Shoe Shop


Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Male Image Female Image
Luxurious Boots 19 20 Gold
Boots Luxurious Boots Male
Boots Luxurious Boots Female
Sandals of Secrets 20 20 Gold
Boots Sandals of Secrets Male
Boots Sandals of Secrets Female
Slippers of Enrichment 19 20 Gold
Boots Slippers of Enrichment Male
Boots Slippers of Enrichment Female
Prevalent Boots 19 20 Gold
Boots Prevalent Boots Male
Boots Prevalent Boots Female
Interesting Footwraps 20 20 Gold
Boots Interesting Footwraps Male
Boots Interesting Footwraps Female
Slippers of Authority 19 20 Gold
Boots Slippers of Authority Male
Boots Slippers of Authority Female
Shoes of the Favored 20 20 Gold
Boots Shoes of the Favored Male
Boots Shoes of the Favored Female
Boots of the Slipstream 2480 2480 Crowns
Boots of the Comet 5140 5140 Crowns
Slippers of Rites 185 192 Gold
Senior Novice's Shoes 222 230 Gold
Boots Senior Novice's Shoes Male
Footgear of Malediction 720 720 Crowns
Footgear of Malediction
Watchtower Boots 720 720 Crowns
Footwraps of Flame 497 504 Gold
Boots Footwraps of Flame Male
Boots Footwraps of Flame Female
Balancewalkers 493 505 Gold
Boots Balancewalkers Male
Boots Balancewalkers Female
Doomstalkers 496 510 Gold
Boots Doomstalkers Male
Boots Doomstalkers Female
Flowerstalkers 493 498 Gold
Boots Flowerstalkers Male
Boots Flowerstalkers Female
Bloodwalkers 494 504 Gold
Boots Bloodwalkers Male
Boots Bloodwalkers Female
Windwalkers 499 509 Gold
Boots Windwalkers Male
Boots Windwalkers Female
Snowstalkers 492 504 Gold
Boots Snowstalkers Male
Boots Snowstalkers Female

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