Rainbow Bridge

The Commons plays a two-fold role in Wizard City. It serves as a connection point to the majority of the important neutral areas, such as the Shopping District and Merle Ambrose's Home, and is an area that nearly all wizarding students go to recharge their health and mana through, respectively, regeneration and wisps.




Private Stillson
Prospector Zeke
Penny Dreadful
Hilda Brewer
Sabrina Greenstar

Places of Interest

Merle Ambrose's House
Wizard City Library
Pet Pavilion

Minigame Fairegrounds

Fairegrounds Carousel

At the Minigame Fairegrounds, there are a variety of mini games for one to play. Currently, there are eight mini games available; simply activate one of the colored circles in front of the faireground tents, and select one of the eight games to play. By playing games, a Wizard can replenish mana, earn gold, items, or treasure cards, and refill potions.

Additionally, this area has a smith.

Mini Games

Mini Game Selection Window

Skull Riders
Sorcery Stones
Doodle Doug
Hot Shots
Choo-Choo Zoo
Potion Motion
Dueling Diego

Connects To:

Shopping District
Golem Court
Unicorn Way
Pet Pavilion

Available Reagents

Cat Tail
Mist Wood
Deep Mushroom

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