Colossus Boulevard is a little more difficult than the other Wizard City streets; instead of one creature to every player in battle, there can now be one more creature than the number of players in battle. There are still only four places for each side, so with four players there can still only be four creatures, but if you are alone you may find yourself facing up to two Gobblers or Evil Snowmen. The creatures here are also a little bigger and badder! This area requires 750 crowns or membership to access.

Additionally, this street has a smith, an history book and an house statue (the last two are rewards from the main boss, Prince Gobblestone).


Colossus Boulevard Map.png


Mindy Pixiecrown
Kazul Ironhelm
Mildred Farseer (Card trainer)
Kirby Longspear
Gobbler King


Gobbler Scavenger
Gobbler Scouter
Gobbler Glutton
Gobbler Gorger
Gobbler Muncher
Evil Snowman
Prince Gobblestone
Baron Greebly
Baron Rotunda
The Great Troll

Places of Interest

Gobblestone Castle
Greebley's Garrison
Hildreth Perch
Mildred's House (Located in inner alcove with house near Mindy)
Rotunda Chateau
Troll Tower
Briskbreeze Tower (aka the Gauntlet of Woe for level 50 quest)

Connects To

Shopping District

Available Reagents

Mist Wood
Deep Mushroom
Frost Flower
Red Mandrake

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