Wizard 101 Wiki

Source Editing is very important to this Wiki!

Here are VERY easy instructions to change your settings so you can always edit in Source instead of pressing the button every time. :)

  • 1) When logged in, go to the MORE button in the upper right of your screen
  • 2) Select Preferences from the pulldown menu
  • 3) Select Editing from the tab menu (the lower of the two that you will probably see)
  • 4) DISABLE Rich Text Editing (the top button, UNSELECT it)


The default in Wiki is Rich Text editing.

The difference between the two is the effect it has on the page's code. For any of the Infobox Template pages, if someone edits it without doing so in Source, it deletes all of the lines of code that haven't been filled in yet. Which means that the next person who wants to edit the page has none of the nice lines to fill in anymore, and has to retype them individually in order to edit the page. Currently, editors like me have been going through and having to undo all of the edits like this and then redo the changes correctly afterward. Also, when editing in Rich Text, if you try to change a link, it will change the name of the link, but not the actual link. Editing in Rich Text can also do a lot of other excessive code additions on the page that, which may look fine superficially, make a real mess of the pages for future editors with extra code, incorrect links, and unnecessary duplications.