Because we have one true subcategory, Housing, in existence, I'm thinking it might be a good idea to add the others and then dynamically list them using categorytree above the usual subcategory listing.
I propose the following (characters in parentheses are currently "missing" in the category name):

Clothing Equipment Items by Level Hous(ing) How Acquired Items by School World Acquired In Other




Any Level

Level (0)1+ Items
Level (0)5+ Items
Level 10+ Items
Level 15+ Items
Level 20+ Items
Level 22+ Items
Level 25+ Items
Level 30+ Items
Level 35+ Items
Level 40+ Items
Level 48+ Items
Level 50 Items


Plant Life
Wall Hangings
Wallpaper and Tile

Bought Items
Arena Ticket Items
Crown Items
Holiday Items

Crafted Items
Dropped Items

Rare Harvest

Found Items



Any School Items

Balance School Items
Death School Items
Fire School Items
Ice School Items
Myth School Items
Storm School Items

Dragospyre Items

Grizzleheim Items
Krokotopia Items
Marleybone Items
MooShu Items
Wizard City Items

Item Card Giving Items [New]

No Auction (Items)
Non-Tradable (Items)
Pip Giving Items
Starter Items
Treasure Cards [combined grouping, possibly belongs in Equipment]

Treasure Cards are an odd case. Most fit under Bought and Crafted.

The only Level 48+ Items are school specific pets.

I'm also currently trying to find where I saw a way to list large groups of articles in a click-able a-z style alphabetical list inside a large box. I was certain it was in the wiki:help, but I can't relocate it.

I'm also rethinking the whole "detailed category" thing I attempted with the Amulets. I stopped when I did because it's simpler to change a few than many. The few I did do provide exact lookups for those items, but the category list is longer than the article itself. There may be cause to add repetition and depth to the proposed categories, but it may be better to just keep to the above categories. Keeping it.

Solidifying at least these categories will go a long way toward the automation I'm trying to put together using the CreatePlates feature. Take a look at my sandbox and a work-in-progress template that I'm working on. It's currently protected to keep it from use for now, but if you have some expertise on these let me know on my talk page.

I would really like some feedback on these items. While I don't mind being the janitor, I really don't want to be a dictator.

Thanks RCWizard 06:22, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

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