Talk about Death spells, how your death character is doing, death combos, And good Secoundary combos with Death.

Some good combos are

Death Shield + Sacrifice
     With no boosts you take 50 damage to heal anyone 700 health.

There is also a glitch were you can heal YOURSELF!!!!!! with sacrifice!

Doom and Gloom + Lifestealing

Lifestealing spells are unaffected by Doom and Gloom so your healing is unaffected while all your opponents have their healing crippled.


Sacrifice + Deathblade

Deathblade will increase the damage you take from Sacrifice.

Doom and Gloom + Sacrifice You will halve the damage you heal but do nothing to the damage you take!

stand still

My player is at a stand still. I am level 44 and i can not seem to find quest anywhere i beleive I am done with Mooshu but have to defeat Jotun in Grizz and do not have access to Ravenscar. I have looked everywhere for quest and can not seem to find any to level up.

I need help:)

Thank you Gerald

I'll answer you here since you've not made an account. Take a look on this site for the last quest you remember doing. Or look here or here. If you have completed MooShu, it's time to talk to either Merle Ambrose or Cyrus Drake. RCWizard 21:40, September 13, 2009 (UTC)

Commonly thought best death gear


Here is a link to the commonly thought death best gear.

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