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Note: Items sold only at the Bazaar are not on this list.

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List of subcategories:

Arena Ticket Items(14 C, 122 P)
Bought Amulets(5 C, 20 P)
Bought Any Level Items(6 C, 176 P)
Bought Any School Items(20 C, 431 P)
Bought Athames(16 C, 73 P)
Bought Balance School Items(6 C, 35 P)
Bought Boots(11 C, 139 P)
Bought Death School Items(6 C, 35 P)
Bought Decks(2 C, 33 P)
Bought Decoration(2 C, 5 P)
Bought Fire School Items(4 C, 35 P)
Bought Furniture(2 C, 2 P)
Bought Hats(21 C, 133 P)
Bought Ice School Items(4 C, 36 P)
Bought Level 5+ Items(8 C, 55 P)
Bought Level 10+ Items(14 C, 49 P)
Bought Level 15+ Items(12 C, 93 P)
Bought Level 20+ Items(5 C, 23 P)
Bought Level 25+ Items(11 C, 98 P)
Bought Level 35+ Items(6 C, 61 P)
Bought Level 45+ Items(4 C, 77 P)
Bought Life School Items(8 C, 32 P)
Bought Myth School Items(4 C, 33 P)
Bought Outdoor(3 P)
Bought Pets(7 C, 74 P)
Bought Plant Life(empty)
Bought Reagents(13 P)
Bought Rings(6 C, 55 P)
Bought Robes(10 C, 100 P)
Bought Storm School Items(9 C, 34 P)
Bought Treasure Cards(55 P)
Bought Trophies(10 P)
Bought Wallpaper and Tile(1 C, 2 P)
Bought Wands(5 C, 117 P)
Crown Items(11 C, 160 P)
Dragonspyre Bought Items(4 C, 74 P)
Gift Card Items(1 C, 1 P)
Grizzleheim Bought Items(1 C, 70 P)
Krokotopia Bought Items(18 C, 122 P)
Marleybone Bought Items(7 C, 94 P)
MooShu Bought Items(5 C, 72 P)
Recipes(12 C, 407 P)
Wizard City Bought Items(26 C, 341 P)

All items (737)