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List of subcategories:
Any Level Any School Hats(4 C, 69 P)
Bought Any School Hats(7 C, 80 P)
Dragonspyre Any School Hats(2 C, 41 P)
Dropped Any School Hats(14 C, 168 P)
Krokotopia Any School Hats(6 C, 37 P)
Level 5+ Any School Hats(2 C, 28 P)
Level 10+ Any School Hats(5 C, 19 P)
Level 15+ Any School Hats(4 C, 33 P)
Level 20+ Any School Hats(3 C, 14 P)
Level 25+ Any School Hats(4 C, 40 P)
Level 30+ Any School Hats(4 C, 14 P)
Level 35+ Any School Hats(4 C, 37 P)
Level 45+ Any School Hats(2 C, 38 P)
Marleybone Any School Hats(7 C, 51 P)
MooShu Any School Hats(4 C, 39 P)
Quest Reward Any School Hats(6 C, 20 P)
Wizard City Any School Hats(9 C, 70 P)

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