Campbell Hodgson in Marleybone


Regent's Square

Gives quest

Ends quest

Campbell Hodgson's Reagent Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Black Coal 5 Gold Black Coal.jpg
Sapphire 15 Gold Reg S Sapphire.jpg
Ruby 15 Gold Reg S Peridot.jpg
Amethyst 15 Gold Amethyst.jpg
Citrine 15 Gold Citrine.jpg
Peridot 15 Gold Reg S Peridot.jpg
Onyx 15 Gold Onyx.jpg
Jade 15 Gold Jade.jpg
Shadow Oil 20 Gold ShadowOil-ShopReagent.jpg
Simple Vial 40 Gold Simple Vial.png
Glass Vial 125 Gold Glass Vial.jpg

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