Big Ben is the final tower in Marleybone. Meowiarty is fought at the top floor. Big Ben is also the tallest tower in Marleybone].

There are 15 floors in this dungeon and the battles are unavoidable.


Royal Museum


Travis Pawman
Jack Thistleberry

What to expect on each story

Floor 1 ~O'Leary Conniver (Rank 5) ~O'Leary Conniver (Rank 5) and the NPC Travis Pawman

Floor 2 ~Street Sweeper (Rank 4) ~O'Leary Conniver (Rank 5)

Floor 3 NPC's Travis Pawman and Jack Thistleberry

Floor 4 ~Filcher (Rank 5) ~Kettlehead (Rank 5)

Floor 5 ~O'Leary Rowdy (Rank 5) ~Filcher (Rank 5)

Floor 6 ~Kettlehead (Rank 5) ~Gearhead (Boss Rank 5)

Floor 7 ~O'Leary Rowdy (Rank 5) ~Brown Recluse (Rank5) ~Brown Recluse (Rank5)

Floor 8 (This is a Puzzle that is easy) (Answer: Snowflake, Bird, Puppy, Moon)

Floor 9 ~Filcher (Rank 5) ~Nightmare Spirit (Rank 5)

Floor 10 ~Nightmare Spirit (Rank 5) ~Kettlehead (Rank 5)

Floor 11 ~Potbelly (Rank 5) ~Nightmare Spirit (Rank 5) ~Nightmare Spirit (Rank 5)

Floor 12 (There are wisps on this floor) (The Big Ben Stray Cat is behind the boxes) ( If your low health or mana, this floor is good for you)

Floor 13 ~Potbelly (Rank 5) ~Shield Skeleton (Rank 5)

Floor 14 ~Potbelly (Rank 5) ~Potbelly (Rank 5) ~Spike the Crusher (Boss Rank 7) - only if the 3 milk bottles are tipped

Floor 15 ~Clockwork Wizard (Rank 4) ~Agony Wraith (Boss Rank 5) ~Meowiarty (Boss Rank 6)

Spike the Crusher

There are three milk bottles in Big Ben Tower, when you spill all three, Spike the Crusher goes into battle with you on Floor 14 as a punishment. He has 3,500 health, and Rank 5 minions, which makes the battle difficult. If you win, you earn the badge Crusher Crusher as a reward.

To make things easier, you can battle the two minions on Floor 13 first, then go back down and spill the last milk bottle. That way, you'll fight Spike alone.

Connects To

Royal Museum

Available Reagents

Mist Wood Scrap Iron

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