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The following pages contain much of the basic information for Wizard 101, how to [[Account|Create an Account]], walk you through how to [[Create A Character]] and [[How to Play]].<br>
Then you can look at what Wizard 101 [[Spells]] are all about, the [[Types Of Spells]] and [[Duels]].<br>
A quick run down on [[Items]] and [[Item Symbols]], [[Health and Mana]] and [[Vendors and Banking]].<br>
How [[Quests]] work in Wizard 101 and the [[Badges and Titles]] you can receive for your achievements.<br>
And then finally the social aspect is covered in [[Friends]], [[Chat]] and [[Trading]].
After this you should know much about getting around Wizard 101, and what Wizard 101 is all about. The rest of the wiki will help you learn what is in each location, and data collections on the different [[:category:quests|quests]], what each of the [[:category:spells|spells]] do and the different [[:category:items|items]] you can get, the [[:category:creatures|creatures]] you may meet as well as much more information.
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