Aubert Quickhammer

Location: Wizard City - Shopping District

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Bear Market

Ends Quest:

Discount Furniture

Plant Life

Item Price Currency Image
Small Bush 25 Gold Small Bush
Purple Posies 35 Gold Purple Posies
Fire Flowers 50 Gold Fire Flowers
Hedge Row 100 Gold Hedge Row
Small Cyprus Tree 355 Gold Small Cyprus Tree
Small Maple Tree 425 Gold Small Maple Tree

Wall Hangings

Item Price Currency Image
Spindle 90 Gold Spindle
Forked Wall Sconce 200 Gold Forked Wall Sconce
Party Banner 225 Gold Party Banner
Death Plaque 250 Gold Death Plaque
Fire Plaque 250 Gold Fire Plaque
Ice Plaque 250 Gold Ice Plaque
Life Plaque 250 Gold Life Plaque
Myth Plaque 250 Gold Myth Plaque
Storm Plaque 250 Gold Storm Plaque
Spiral Plaque 250 Gold Spiral Plaque
The Tower 285 Gold The Tower
Fancy Wall Sconce 315 Gold Fancy Wall Sconce
Two Trees 430 Gold Two Trees
Barkford 320 Crowns Barkford-WizardCityHouseItem
Professor Balestrom 380 Crowns ProfessorBalestrom-WizardCityHouseItem
Professor Drake 380 Crowns ProfessorDrake-WizardCityHouseItem
Professor Falmea 380 Crowns ProfessorFalmea-WizardCityHouseItem
Professor Greyrose 380 Crowns ProfessorGreyrose-WizardCityHouseItem
Professor Wu 380 Crowns ProfessorWu-WizardCityHouseItem
Ruined Painting 5000 Crowns RuinedPainting-WizardCityHouseItem

Wallpaper and Tile

Item Price Currency Image
Patterned Floor Tile 100 Gold Patterned Floor Tile
Wooden Flooring 100 Gold Wooden Flooring
Wood Slat Flooring 100 Gold Wood Slat Flooring
Wooden Floor Tiles 125 Gold Wooden Floor Tiles
Star Mosaic Tiles 150 Gold Star Mosaic Tiles
Wizardly Wallpaper 150 Gold Wizardly Wallpaper
Brickwork Wallpaper 150 Gold Brickwork Wallpaper
Purple Wallpaper 150 Gold Purple Wallpaper
Lavender Wallpaper 150 Gold Lavender Wallpaper
Cornflower Wallpaper 150 Gold Cornflower Wallpaper
Winterblue Wallpaper 175 Gold Winterblue Wallpaper
Puzzler Wallpaper 175 Gold Puzzler Wallpaper
Wizdoodle Wallpaper 250 Gold Wizdoodle Wallpaper
Stormwracked Wallpaper 275 Gold Stormwracked Wallpaper
Doodle Wallpaper 300 Gold Doodle Wallpaper
Pink Carpet 550 Gold Pink Carpet
Pink Heart Wallpaper 600 Gold Pink Heart Wallpaper
Grassy Flooring 1,000 Gold Grassy Flooring


Item Price Currency Image
Wooden Barrel 45 Gold Wooden Barrel
Small Stone Pedestal 250 Gold Small Stone Pedestal
Plain Stone Pedestal 350 Gold Plain Stone Pedestal
Light Stone Fence 380 Gold Light Stone Fence
Fancy Lamppost 450 Gold Fancy Lamppost
Plain Stone Tower 500 Gold Plain Stone Tower
Ornate Stone Pedestal 600 Gold Ornate Stone Pedestal
Small Yellow Tent 800 Gold Small Yellow Tent


Item Price Currency Image
Reinforced Crate 35 Gold Reinforced Crate
Wooden Chair 75 Gold Wooden Chair
Wooden Bench 100 Gold Wooden Bench
Padded Stool 125 Gold Padded Stool
Folding Stool 130 Gold Folding Stool
Stained Endtable 175 Gold Stained Endtable
Bookshelf 250 Gold Bookshelf
Plain Bed 350 Gold Plain Bed
Plain Wooden Table 400 Gold Plain Wooden Table
Stained Armoire 450 Gold Stained Armoire
Ornate Round Table 585 Gold Ornate Round Table
Ornate Desk 1,200 Gold Ornate Desk


Item Price Currency Image
Firewood 55 Gold Firewood
Ink Well 65 Gold Ink Well
Red Cushion 80 Gold Red Cushion
Empty Jar 100 Gold Empty Jar
Candle and Holder 115 Gold Candle and Holder
Floor Brazier 185 Gold Floor Brazier
Short Square Vase 195 Gold Short Square Vase
Small Lunar Rug 250 Gold Small Lunar Rug
Krok Balance Plaque 250 Gold Krok Balance Plaque
Tic-Tac-Toe O Piece 250 Gold Tic-Tac-Toe O Piece
Tic-Tac-Toe X Piece 250 Gold Tic-Tac-Toe X Piece
Broken Column 280 Gold Broken Column
Stone Column 300 Gold Stone Column
Balloons 300 Gold Balloons
Carved Column 315 Gold Carved Column
Small Blue Trim Rug 375 Gold Small Blue Trim Rug
Square Column 500 Gold Square Column
Party Cake 1,000 Gold Party Cake
Tic-Tac-Toe Board 1,000 Gold Tic-Tac-Toe Board
Tall Sundae 280 Crowns TallSundae-WizardCityHouseItem
Gobbler Pinata 280 Crowns GobblerPinata-WizardCityHouseItem
Stack of 3 Books 530 Crowns Stackof3Books-WizardCityHouseItem

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