Artemus Firesmith


Shopping District, Wizard City

Gives quest

  • None

Ends quest

  • None

Artemus' Athame Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Simple Dirk 22 Gold Gold Simple Dirk.PNG
Shortblade 128 Gold Gold Shortblade.PNG
Ritual Athame 128 Gold Gold Ritual Athame.PNG
Ancient Dagger 255 Gold Gold Ancient Dagger.PNG
Graven Blade 255 Gold Gold Graven Blade.PNG
Runed Blade 255 Gold Gold Runed Blade.PNG
Doomblade 255 Gold Gold Doomblade.PNG
Antique Kris 255 Gold Gold Antique Kris.PNG
Razor Blade 255 Gold Gold Razor Blade.PNG
Dawnshard 255 Gold Gold Dawnshard.PNG
Chipped Knife 340 Gold Gold Chipped Knife.PNG
Shortblade of the Quick 260 Crowns Crowns Shortblade of the Quick.PNG
Heartsteel 260 Crowns Crowns Heartsteel.PNG

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