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After Ravenwood School graduation, and upon reaching level 108, students are able to visit the prestigious Arcanum, where they are able to upgrade their knowledge about magic, spells, and charms under the finest Order of Scholars in The Spiral. Arcanum contains a lot of locations, beautiful Halls for each of the schools, big library, and a Crafting Room for Legendary and Focused weapons. You can train spells, for each of the schools, with a certain Professor. You are rewarded with the Arcanum Apartment, if you decide to stay and become an Arcanum Understudy, and maybe a Scholar as well, and learn more about magic in the Spiral.

The Scholars

Quyburn Stellargaze

Professory Qyuburn is a resident of Arcanum, residing in Astral Office in Panopticon. He teaches Astral Magic, and mentors specialisation in Sun and Star Magic. He possesses knowldege of Celestia, it's magic, and studies about Astrology, and how it impacts the magic in general.

Baba Yaga

Professor Yaga is an old Myth Witch from Polaris who teaches masters of Myth Magic. Her hut is found deep in the woods of The Valley, where she conducts her studies, and nature charms as well.

Ignus Feric

Professor Feric specializes in Fire Magic and Forgery. He mentors studies in Legendary and Revered crafting, and masters of Champion Fire Wizardy. He is also a resident in Arcanum.

Ione Virga

Professor Virga is the supreme storm witch who takes over the Storm Wizardry, together with Professor Balestrom, to mentor the finest Diviners in the Spiral. Her students are notable upcoming Scholars, and her mentorship is profound. She also helps students when they first arrive at Arcanum.

Jaki Whisperwind

Professor Whisperwind is Arcanum's Balance Scholar, who teaches Balance Magic. Along with Professor Alhzred, he broadens students knowledge about ancient magic, and magic of the old times.

Qismah Shasa

Professor Shasa is known as Mirage's powerful Necromancy Sorcerer, and teaches Death Magic in Arcanum. Her work is notable, and she goes hand in hand with Professor Virga, in quality of Studies.

Tarrak Hadfield

Coming from Polaris, Professor Hadfield is a Arcanums Ice Scholar, who holds masters of Protection and Ice Magic.

Velma von Vekman

Originating from Darkmoor, Professor Vekman holds a Champion Course in Shadow Magic. She teaches conjuring of upgraded Shadow Magic, and Shadow Spells.


Zander is the Arcanum's resident Life scholar. Zander likes interdimensional meditation and naming shades of green. He dislikes dislikes. His favorite spells is Wings of Fate. His favorite food is eucalyptus. He from the the land of Wallaru. There he studied all things Life under Wallaruvian Shaman. After realizing that life branched far out from Wallaru, he adventured all over the Spiral, eventually finding his way to the Arcanum.

Understudy Scholars

Professor V. Stormheart

Under mentoring of Professor Balestrom and Professor Virga, the upcoming Ravenwood Storm Scholar, resident of Arcanum, Professor Stormheart.

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