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Krokotopia, The Oasis

Gives quest

Shop Shop 'Til You Drop

Goal in quest

Shop Shop Never Stop

Ends quest

Shop Shop Never Stop

Deck Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Pyromancer's Deck 1,400 Gold Pyromancer'sDeck-KrokotopiaDecks.jpg
Thaumaturge's Deck 1,400 Gold ThaumaturgesDeck-KrokotopiaDecks.jpg
Diviner's Deck 1,400 Gold DivinersDeck-KrokotopiaDecks.jpg
Theurge's Deck 1,400 Gold TheurgesDeck-KrokotopiaDecks.jpg
Conjurer's Deck 1,400 Gold ConjurersDeck-KrokotopiaDecks.jpg
Necromancer's Deck 1,400 Gold NecromancersDeck-KrokotopiaDecks.jpg
Sorcerer's Deck 1,400 Gold SorcerersDeck-KrokotopiaDecks.jpg

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